Fenestratio What's New

* see the Fenestratio phone apps in the Apple and Android stores, for recording of remeasure notes. The apps also handle loading, storing and shipping of finished units via barcode scanning through the phone's camera.
Thursday February 25, 2021
Service Detail Page Added internal note field to the service record. **Note will not be printed or added to email body**
Sunday February 14, 2021
Cut Batches Now allow immediate optimize-and-print.
Vendor Item Detail New checkbox to indicate whether item should be excluded from cut batches.
Monday February 8, 2021
Option Prices Page Conditions for options are now able to be manipulated on mass
Monday January 4, 2021
Shipment Distribution
  • on Orders to be delivered - new selection to indicate whether all products and components are to be shipped together, or screens or hardware should be shipped later, or other instructions apply
  • on Company, a default setting of Shipment Distribution for delivered orders
Friday December 4, 2020
Discount Limit Inversion
  • users can now work on quote and customer records with discounts or multipliers outside their limits, but they will not be able to change them.
  • users can therefore create quotes for customers with any discount but cannot override the discounts
Monday October 26, 2020
Dealer Quote Lines now supports [Option Crosscut] and [Switch Products]
Dealer Quote Now separates tax group for products and tax group for services.
Dealer Quote Line Now differentiates between value-add-product and value-added-services.
Customer Dealer Settings Now separates tax group and licenses for products and tax group and licenses for services.
Friday October 23, 2020
Quote Price Holds You can now place line items on 'price hold', usually used for when you're getting a supplier quote. Quotes with price holds cannot become orders, and will not print prices for the affected products, and will not show totals on a quote document.
Quote Deposit Invoice/Receipt Are now available to print before quote becomes an order.
Quote Files Now allow for additional notes beyond file name.
Administration→Company Quoting tab now includes tick box to enforce lead times. If activated, date required on quotes cannot be before current day plus lead time days.
Wednesday October 14, 2020
Jamb Rip Widths
  • Family Detail - frame depth is now a formula that can take into account things like nail fin and different windows series to yield a value in millimeters
  • Calculation engine now includes two new variables family.frameDepth & family.wallDepth
  • Quote New & Quote Detail - now show wall depth inputs to serve as default on lines
  • Quote Line Detail - now shows wall depth input
  • Option Detail - now includes Rip Depth formula
  • Quote Deduction reports now show calculated jamb extension rip widths
Friday August 7, 2020
Order Deposit Invoice/Receipt New order document for giving customer a deposit receipt, or a deposit invoice
Purchase Order Faxing ** BETA **
  • new button - Fax - appears when viewing purchase order document
  • faxing facility ~should~ call back to Fenestratio with transmision report details
  • cover page of document will get transmission report stamped in blue
  • faxes sent for a purchase are archived and accessible from the purchase header page